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August 16, 1955

Dear Pfeiffer:

I have your letter of August 13 with regard to the possibility of supplying expendable organic material of the 18th, 19th, 20th, 25th or 30th Dynasties for radiocarbon tests in connection with Dr. Velikovsky’s new ideas about dating.

We have very little material of a suitable nature of the periods mentioned although we have plenty of wood of the 12th Dynasty from excavations at Bersheh. The only material I can think of would be chips of ivory from our excavations at El Kurru of which we have a number of fragments which are useless to us. These are presumed to be slightly earlier than the 25th Dynasty (see my publication of El Kurru). If a few samples of these would be useful to you for your purposes I should be glad to put them at your disposal if the Semitic Museum wants to have the tests made. Personally I am rather skeptical about its being worthwhile and am not inclined to take the time to do much about it as we are short-handed and over-loaded with more important matters,

Please let me know if you want some samples of this ivory which was excavated by us at El Kurru, the provenance of which is certain,

With all best wishes and hoping that you are not finding the heat of Cambridge too trying,

  Dows Dunham