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Immanuel Velikosky, ca. 1942
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Days and Years, an autobiography giving an account of Velikovsky’s life from the earliest years until 1958.
Before the Day Breaks, the story of Velikovsky’s discussions with Einstein on the role of electromagnetism in the universe.
In the Beginning, the story of the catastrophes that preceded those described in Worlds in Collision.
The Dark Age of Greece, a critical examination of the mysterious gap of close to five centuries thought to follow the Mycenaean civilization.
The Assyrian Conquest, a volume in the Ages in Chaos series, covering the period from the end of the Amarna Period to the time of Ramses II.
Collected Essays, comprising articles and fragmentary manuscripts such as Shamir, The Secret of Baalbek, Sinai and Olympus, Test of Time, The Orbit and the ‘Observer’ editorials.
The Psychoanalytic Papers from the years between the two world wars when Velikovsky was a practicing psychoanalyst.
Correspondence selections from Velikovsky’s scholarly correspondence spanning more than fifty years.
More Federn correspondence from 1957-58
Lectures including an audio recording of Velikovsky’s talk at Eastern Baptist College in Wayne, Pennsylvania and transcripts from the 1974 AAAS Symposium.
Velikovsky: Bonds of the Past, a film by Henry Zemel, available for viewing in either Windows Media Player format or RealPlayer format.

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